Vulture Culture

Thrashed, Burnt & Branded

    Seditious, malicious, fiends, the horde of highwaymen ride on! The Black Moriah is influenced by hymns buried deep beneath dried earth, T.B.M. drinks the spirits of past greats Bathory, Kreator, Motorhead, Slayer, Venom, and other Kings as they frequent dens of iniquity, homes of misfortune and girls of ill-repute.

    T.B.M. was founded by The Mad Arab (Bleed the Son) and Zawicizuz (Absu, Bleed the Son, Infernal Oak, Rape Pillage and Burn)

    In the Fall of 2011, The Black Moriah entered the studio to record their first effort "Casket Prospects". Upon completion of the album, these outlaws on the outskirts spread their gallows medicine from Mexico to Canada.

With The Black Moriah's second full-length release, they gear up for a journey of carnage across barren landscapes. "Road Agents of the Blast Furnace" is a never-yielding, all-consuming raid, hell-bent on tormenting every town in its path.

     For the release of their sophomore effort, T.B.M. has made an alliance with Folter Records. With this mighty underground force, the audio plague known as The Black Moriah will relentlessly spread Vulture Culture throughout the land.

     Look to the horizon for the demented highwaymen this year. They come to pillage your village and soil your doves. Bring your gold and pay tribute or face the wrath of this desert funeral party.

The Mad Arab


Guitar & Vocals

      A man of few words, Zawicizuz comes from lands unknown. METALThe Audio Assassin has ridden with such hardened posses as Infernal Oak, Rape Pillage and Burn, Bleed the Son and ABSU. Disgusted by the unwashed masses, he prefers a life on the outskirts, and is rarely seen in town.



DEATH      Born of a cursed whore, The Mad Arab's misanthropic ways are stuff of legends. A friend of no man, he wanders through the West in search of his next prey. The Mad Arab continues to be a threat to the greater good. Notoriously affiliated with such known malefactors as Bleed the Son.


Casket Prospects