Vulture Culture

Towns Burned Down

3/11/17 Dirty Dogs
Austin TX
  8:00pm - Scarlet Theatre
9:00pm - Werefoot
10:00pm - Ammo For My Arsenal
11:00pm - Salo
12:00am - The Black Moriah 
June 28 2016 Trees   Venom Inc, Necrophagia, Chemicaust, Maiestas
3/1/2014 The Curtain Club   ABSU, Thy Antichrist, Sardonic Witchery
3/7/2014 Lime Light:
2718 N St Mary's San Antonio TX
  ABSU, HOD, Plutonian Shore, Sturmgwehr
3/8/2014 The Conservatory:
8911 N Western OKC, OK 73114
  ABSU, More TBA
3/9/2014 Fitzgerald's:
2706 White Oak Boulevard Houston, Texas 77007
  ABSU, War Master, Oath of Cruelty
2/28/2014 Siberia:
2227 St Claude New Orleans, LA
  ABSU, More TBA
1/25/2014 Dirty Dog:
505 East 6th St Austin TX 78701
  HOD, Plutonian Shore, VBT
1/24/2014 Liquid Lounge:
2800 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226
  Sardonic Witchery, Dead Rising, Interment, Dei Ameth, Brutalody
12/17/2013  Liquid Lounge: 2800 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226   Obscure Oracle, Cleric, Nymesyn, Judas Goat
10/18/2013 Penny Pub: San Angelo Tx    
10/19/2013  The Wreck Room:  Amarillo TX    
10/20/2013 The Pine Box: Midland TX    
10/21/2013 Pauline's Badlands: 7792 Franklin Dr, El Paso, TX    
10/24/2013 Housecore Horror Film Fesival - TBA   Housecore Horror Film Fesival - TBA
09/07/2013 Headhunters:  720 Red River St
Austin, TX 78701
  Whore of Bethlehem, Plutoniun Shore, Humut Tabal,  and more
09/20/2013 Boiler Room:  2723 Elm St Dallas TX 75266   Thy Antichrist, Tarim, Maiestas, Dei Ameth, Nymesyn
6/6/2013 Boiler Room:  2723 Elm St Dallas TX 75266 Hymns at The Boiler Room Hymns, Dei Aemeth Steel Bearing Hand, Of Oak
6/7/2013 19th Hole: 202 Sawdust Rd The Woodlands TX Hymns, Hell RAzor, Blaspherian Nodens
6/8/2013 Twist of Lime: 2820 Lime St Metairie, LA 70006 Twist of Lime Hymns, Barghest, Necrotic Priapism
11/17/2012 Reno's Chop Shop: 210 N. Crowdus Street Dallas, Texas 75226 Gathering GATHERING OF THE BEASTIAL VENGEANCE III:  Divine Eve(cancelled), Humut Tabal, Plutonian Shores, Spectral Manifest, Runes of the Evening, Psychiatric Regurgitation, and more
10/28/12 O'Riley's:  8989 Forest Ln #120
Dallas TX75243
Panzerfaust HOD, GOTM, Maiestas, SteelBearingHand, Cyhyraeth
9/22/12 Headhunters:  720 Red River St
Austin, TX 78701
ID ID, Disfigured, Xapharon, Gorehound, Dischordia, Polaris Breach
9/14/12 Reno's Chop Shop: 210 N. Crowdus Street Dallas, Texas 75226 Renos Vesperian Sorrow, Embalmed, Giant of the Mountain, Megatherian
6/27/2012 The Rail:  3101 Joyce Dr. Ft. Worth, TX 76116 Weapon Weapon. Withered, Orphian, Of Oak, Gas Chamber, Nocturnal Wolf
6/22/12 Tomcats West:  3137 Alta Mere Dr Fort Worth, TX, 76116 Tomcats West The Browning, Tarim, A threat to the Enemy & more
5/25/12 The Rail:  3101 Joyce Dr. Ft. Worth, TX 76116 The Rail Color of Aum, Torment Defined, Steel Bearing Hand, Giant of the Mountain
5/26/2012 Scoot Inn:1308 E. 4th Street @ Navasota, Austin TX Scoot Inn Plutonian Shore, Lions of Tsavo, Humut Tabal
5/11/12 Fast Freddy's: 4310 W Illinois Ave, Midland, TX 79703-5529 Fast Freddies Trail of the Bloodstained God, End Times
5/12/2012 The Parrot Head:   2319 W Ave N, San Angelo TX Parrot Head Death Rites 666, Broken Glass Dissection, Negative Offset
4/7/2012 The Ranch: 701 106th St Arlington TX 76011 KNON Benefit Flyer KNON Benefit:  Prophecy, Runes of the Evening, Embalmed
3/28/2012 The Ranch: 701 106th St Arlington TX 76011 Onslaught M-Pire of Evil, Demonhammer, Maiestas, Corporate Whore
3/9/2012 The Rail Club Prophecy Show Prophecy, Headcrusher, Internment
2/18/2012 Liquid Lounge Curtain Club Show Giant of the Mountain, Runes of the Evening, Of Oak, Obsidian Throne
2/12/2012 Korova The Korova Beyond the Dark Horizon, Ancient Malus, Sturmgewehr
2/11/2012 Smiley's Ballroom Valley Of Death severance, Humut Tabal, SPECTRAL MANIFEST, Plutonian Shore, Funeral Rites, Valgud, Panteon, Belligerency, BLAST PERVERSION, Christ Malformation, Drujo De Mana
2/10/2012 Headhunters Club Gobshite Beware Humut Tabal, Vex, Entropist
1/21/2012 Across the Street Bar Brutal Birthday Psychiatric Regurgitation, Lycergus, Of Oak, Giant of the Mountain, Aeonic Plague
11/17/2011 The Ranch Bar & Grill   IMPIETY, DEMONHAMMER, Maiestas, IMPERIUM MORTE, Ophian
11/12/2011 The Phoenix Project Gathering of Bestial Vengence II Maiestas, Steel Bearing Hand, Ancient Malus, SPECTRAL MANIFEST, Humut Tabal, Demonhammer, Christ Malformation, Imperium Morte

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