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Late  Summer 2013 Transmission

     Cheers to all from the Blast Furnace!  Lock up your daughters and hide your gold, TBM has just purchased a war wagon! To celebrate our emergence from heat wave hibernation, and initiate the hearse, we'll be playing a show September 7th at the all-too-familiar Headhunters, aka Metal & Lace in Austin Tx. We shall return to the Dallas stage Sept 20th @ The Boiler Room.

As we crawl to the end of the August desert, we cast our eyes westward to future invasions on outlying Texas towns this Fall. We'll lay waste to 5 cities as we travel to our performance at Housecore Record's inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival! Join us at one of these saloon stops to take part in an evening of debauchery and metal:

We are proud to announce the 3rd pressing of Casket Prospects (CD) has been ordered. Also still available in limited quantities, Floga Record's gatefold vinyl release of CP (in black wax or clear & bone white splatter) and the accompanying T-shirt. Come out and get yours before they're gone forever.

The Black Moriah would like to raise a glass and fire a shot gun blast to the bands we played with on our last excursions out of DFW: Hymns, Dei Aemeth, Steel Bearing Hand, Of Oak, Hell Razor, Blaspherian Nodens, Barghest, Necrotic Priapism!!!

Hails to the Djs & Promoters who've helped spread the plague: Raven Dungeon, Greg Spicoli Reneau, Southern Casket Productions, Extreme Metal Bookings, and Elmo Jones Production

And we'd like to extend a special toast to Philip A and all of the Housecore crew for joining us at A Twist of Lime in New Orleans June 8th, and for honoring us with a slot at The Housecore Horror Film Fest this October!!! This will be an event to raise the dead!
As always keep your ears to the wire for new merch, upcoming shows and latest news from the Blast Furnace. Transmission. over.

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Casket Prospects